Independent Contractor Registration

All Gawker Media contractors invoicing us as individuals must complete paperwork below via Echosign. This must be completed in order to be paid.
  • If you are an US-citizen individual contractor invoicing us through your SSN, sign the paperwork below.
  • If you are are invoicing us through an EIN (business) go here
  • If you are a recruit go here
  • If you are a non-US Citizen and do NOT perform any work in the US go here 
  • If you are a non-US Citizen and are currently living in the US and/or have a part time presence in the US, contact
  • Editorial contractors should submit invoiceshere -- not to
  • Contractors for other departments should send invoices to their manager or contact at Gawker Media.
  • Your first paycheck will be via paper check as our payroll company pre-notes and confirms your bank account information for direct deposit.
  • We process contractor invoices on the 15th of each month. Any invoices not submitted by the 1st of each month will have to wait until the following month to be paid.
  • Expenses must be approved in advance in writing by your manager and should be submitted via Netsuite. Contact for details.
Questions? E-mail