Independent Contractor Registration

All Gawker Media contractors (and recruits) invoicing us as individuals must complete paperwork below via Echosign. This must be completed in order to be eligible for payment.

If you are an US-citizen individual contractor, sign the paperwork below. Otherwise:
  • If you are performing work through your business and have an EIN go here
  • If you are a non-US Citizen and do NOT perform any work in the US go here 
  • If you are a non-US Citizen and are currently living in the US and/or have a part time presence in the US, contact explaining your work status and we will advise on which forms are needed.
  • Editorial contractors submit invoiceshere.
  • Contractors for other departments should send invoices to their manager or contact at Gawker Media.
  • Your first paycheck will be via paper check as our payroll confirms your bank account information for future direct deposits.
  • We process contractor invoices on the 15th of each month. Any invoices not submitted by the 5th of each month will have to wait until the following month to be paid.
  • Expenses must be approved in advance in writing by your manager and should be itemized on your invoice. Receipts are to be emailed to You are responsible to keep receipts for tax purposes. Contact for details.
Questions? E-mail